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Calitron Calibration
Why Calitron

Holding the experience of more than 2 decades in the industry, has led us to established ''Calitron Calibration Laboratory'' as one of the leading service providers. With the help of the extremely hardworking, technically skilled and well qualified team of engineers and professionals we have been able to provide the best solutions for our clients. We have the rich experience of handling national and international contract. Our team of professionals have helped us to be updated with the latest innovations and discoveries. A large part of technical sectors have been served  by ''Calitron Calibration Laboratory'' varying from Automotive, Heat Treatment, Chemical Pharmaceutical, Electrical Panels in BPOs, Foundries to Educational Institutions. In these sectors, we do provide one step solution for calibration and validation of processes and parameters, such as Pressure, Force, Temperature, Electrical Flow, Mass, Volume, Vacuum, Force and Torque and many other parameters. Testing of instruments or products have been done by testing such basic parameters. Electrical safety testing is done on products, like Gums and Gloves.

By using the continuous pressure recorder setup for hydro testing pressure equipment have been done. Along with having the assistance for quality system documentation and implementation we also do Internal Audits for laboratories and institutions by seeking NABL Accreditation.  All the industrial calibration services which have been provided by us, play an essential role in the deciding the viability of utilization and reliability of many tools and equipment as these are served to provide a real time result of the quality parameters of these instruments which decide their suitability for specific set of tasks which depends on their material characteristics. We provide the world class services to our clients which help them to enhance their productivity. Thorough knowledge of various national and international standards and its implementation, we do provide range of services, varying from Technical Calibration Services, Thermal Calibration Services, Electronic to Mechanical Calibration Services.

Services Provided By Calitron
  1. Calibration of Instruments – Having base parameters, like Pressure, Vacuum. Force, Mass, Volume, Temperature, Electrical Flow, Force and Torque etc. for details refer list of instruments calibrate.
  2. Type testing of products / processes involving pressure, temperature, power, energy and  electrical parameters.
  3. Electrical Safety Testing on products like Gloves and Gumboots (Factory safety testing through competent person)
  4. Validation of process using real time data acquisition system. This has been used extensively for Furnace uniformity survey, Cryogenic testing, monitoring of various process parameters such as flow, speed, temperature, pressure, level etc for certain applications in the industry either in isolation or simultaneously in combination.
  5. Assistance for quality system documentation and its implementation.
  6. Internal Audits for labs / institutions seeking NABL accreditation.
  7. Validation of PLCs
  8. Setup for Hydro testing of pressure equipment using continuous pressure recorder

We Are Mainly Dealing in Pune and Maharashtra, specially in Nashik, Nagpur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Aurangabad.
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